Google Begins Launch of Android 10 Operating System

Google has begun to roll out its latest Android operating system to a number of select devices, beginning with the Pixel smartphones.

Android 10, which first started beta testing in March 2019, marks the end of the company’s tradition of naming versions after popular desserts. The change was decided upon after the developers failed to come up with an internationally recognisable food beginning with the letter ‘Q’.

One of the biggest updates is the introduction of ‘Dark Mode’ to a select number of default apps, such as Photos and Calendar. The darker colour scheme is beneficial to users because it avoids emitting blue light, which can be damaging to sleep cycles. 

Apps like Gmail don’t support ‘Dark Mode’ at present, but Google says the feature will be brought to more platforms in the near future.

There are also significant security updates that have been made to the Google Play Store. Supporting devices will have important privacy and security updates automatically pushed to phone.

This will make the implementation of vital software upgrades more efficient, so users can protect their data instead quickly of going through the old system update process.

The launch of the new system also came with an insight into some of the features that aren’t quite ready yet. ‘Focus Mode’, still in beta, will allow users to lock specific apps for a set time period to allow them to focus on more important activities.

In October 2018, there was speculation that Google could be killing off Android as it wasn’t mentioned by name during the launch event for the Pixel 3.

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Dominic Whitlock

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