Google Chrome to Notify Users of Slow Websites

Google has announced via its Chromium Blog that it intends to begin notifying internet users when they encounter slow websites on its browser.

The update will likely take the form of a badge, such as an icon that reads “usually loads slow.”

The move will make it easier to differentiate between slow websites and slow internet connections.

The company’s blog post reads: “Our plan to identify sites that are fast or slow will take place in gradual steps, based on increasingly stringent criteria. 

“(…) We are being very mindful with our approach to setting the bar for what is considered a good user experience and hope to land on something that is practically achievable by all developers. 

“We will publish updates to this plan as we approach future releases, but don’t wait to optimize your site. A number of resources are available for learning what opportunities are available to improve your site speed.”

Tools like PageSpeed Insights are available to help analyse site performance. Google recommends using these to find ways to improve functionality.

Faster loading times would benefit a range of users, from those wanting an instant experience to those using low bandwidth connections in territories like India. 

The goal comes as part of a wider strategy to reward user-friendly sites, detailed by Google at the ongoing Chrome Developer Summit in San Francisco.

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Scott Harvey

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