Google Play Adds Dating As New App Category

New App Cateogires

Google Play has announced it is introducing “Dating” as its own separate category on the app store.

It is one of a number of new app categories being added to the Google Play store.

The new categories include: Art & Design, Auto & Vehicles, Beauty, Dating, Events, Food & Drink, House & Home and Parenting.

And some of the existing categories on Google Play are being updated, with Transportation becoming Maps & Navigation, and the Media & Video category changing to Video Players & Editors.

To change your app’s category all you have to do is sign into the Google Play Developer Console and select the app you want to alter.

From here, click Store Listing on the left hand menu and choose an application category and type from the Categorisation option.

Once you have chosen the category, click Save and Submit to confirm the changes to your app’s categorisation.

The new app categories are expected to become available within the next 60 days, and Google has warned app developers that changing an app’s category too early could alter its current listing on the platform.