Google Teaming Up With Visa & Mastercard To Bring Android Pay To More Sites

Android Pay

Last week, Google announced it is teaming up with Visa and Mastercard to bring Android Pay to more sites.

Android Pay will soon be integrated into thousands of sites already using Visa Checkout and Masterpass to make payments easier and quicker for Android customers.

The new payment system will use more personalised authentication methods – such as fingerprints – which will make payments easier and faster for users.

This will mean an end to having to remember countless usernames and passwords, as Android users will soon just have to tap the screen to confirm a payment.

And the new Android Pay system is also hoping to benefit merchants and developers as customers will be less likely to abandon carts due to the faster checkout process and subsequent boosts to sales and conversions.

If sites have already integrated Visa Checkouts and Masterpass, the new Android Pay system will automatically update to introduce the new button.

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