Google Wallet Introduced To Gmail For Android

Google has now integrated Google Wallet into the Gmail app for Android, letting US users send and receive funds via emails.

Google Wallet was first integrated with Gmail in May last year, enabling web users to send and receive money through their Gmail accounts.

The process is easy: when composing an email, users can click on the “$” symbol (the icon/currency varies depending on the country the user is in), which is found on the bottom menu bar next to the “send” button.

And this feature has now been extended to US-based Android users.

Google explains that people can exchange funds with both Gmail and non-Gmail users, and the process comes without fees.

All users have to do is tap on the paperclip attachment icon when composing an email and choose the “send money” option.

This will then direct them to input how much money they want to transfer, add a memo for the recipient and then attach it into the email.


Once the recipient receives the email, they can click “claim money” to transfer the amount into their Google Wallet (they do not need the app installed) or directly into their bank account.

Alternatively, users can choose to “request money” under the attachments icon to settle payments.

Google said: “You can already reliably and safely share photos and files on the go with Gmail. Starting today, you can share money, too.

“Whether you’re splitting a dinner bill or planning a group trip, you now have a fee-free way to work out the details and settle up without ever leaving the Gmail app on Android, just like you can already do on the web.”

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