Grindr Allows Some Nudity With Photo Guidelines Updates

Grindr has updated its community and photo guidelines to allow users to add some images of their bums to their dating profiles.

The dating app made the changes in order to be more sex positive and accepting. However, there are still certain criteria in place to make sure no pornographic content is posted, and users are recommended to filter their feeds so they can only see people who have their face as the primary photo.

Moderators will consider whether or not the pose is sexually suggestive, the overall context of the scene and if there is a focus on the subject’s genitals, uncovered or covered.

Grindr’s Senior Director of Customer Experience Alice Hunsberger said in the blog post: “If the image includes sexual content in only one out of the three categories, it is more likely to be acceptable. If it has sexual content in all three, then it should be rejected. 

“If a photo has sexual content in two out of the three categories, it’s an edge case and needs to be evaluated individually, keeping all aspects of the image in mind.”

Any images that display specific sex acts will be banned, but ones that convey nudity in a tasteful or artisitc way will be allowed.

Grindr also promised that it is working on gender-inclusive rules, but app store policies are currently standing in the way. As things stand, male and non-binary nipples can be posted, but female nipples cannot.

New data privacy updates were added in September to give users greater control over how their information and activity is stored and distributed.

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Dominic Whitlock

Dominic is the Editor for Global Dating Insights. Originally from Devon, England he achieved a BA in English Language & Linguistics from The University of Reading. He enjoys a variety of sports and has a further passion for film and music.

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