Grindr Faces Lawsuit For Allowing Minors On Site

A Grindr user is suing the dating platform after it failed to restrict his access because he was under age.

The user was able to fully access the platform, and meet a Brooklyn gynaecologist who allegedly abused him sexually, court records show

John Doe, as he is named in the complaint, filed suit Monday in Brooklyn’s Federal Court against the California-based dating app and Dr. Aaron Weinreb, who was arrested in 2019.

The suit does not seek to hold Grindr liable for Weinreb’s access to the app, but John Doe’s, arguing its easily-circumnavigated age restrictions don’t do enough to protect children from predators.

According to Patch, the suit states: “As a result of its flimsy age verification process and its indiscriminate marketing, Grindr poses risks to both minors and adults.

“[The company] is not immune from responsibility for allowing male children to sign up for ‘Grindr’ and then be sexually assaulted and statutorily raped.”

The problem of underage users is not Grindr-specific, according to a Subcommittee on Economic and Consumer Policy report that also found issues with several other major dating apps.

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