Grindr Sees 80 Staff Leave Amidst Office Return

80 of Grindr’s 178 staff members have left the company after a return-to-office mandate was put in place, reports the union Communication Workers of America. The mandate gave staff the choice of relocating to certain cities in the US, or leave the company with a severance bonus.

Communication Workers of America (CWA) estimates that 80 of the dating app’s staff have left the company. Global Dating Insights reported that Grindr employees intended to unionise before the company rolled out a relocation ultimatum to its staff last month.

The return-to-office mandate was criticised by some Grindr employees as they would have to relocate, sometimes across the country, in order to keep their jobs. Workers in the engineering team were told to relocate to Chicago, and the product & design team were told to move to California, for example.

The CWA alleges that the mandate was put in place to retaliate against talks of unionisation. It now looks to file an unfair labour practice charge against Grindr with the National Labor Relations Board, reports The Independent. 

“We are looking forward to returning to the office in a hybrid model in October and further improving productivity and collaboration for our entire team,” a Grindr spokesperson told The Independent. The CWA’s allegations have “no merit”, they added.

You can find out more about Grindr on its website here.