Grindr to Celebrate 10th Anniversary After Testing 12 Months

Grindr will celebrate its 10th birthday on 25th March and despite growing into one of the biggest dating apps in the world, it continues to struggle with a negative reputation.

The number of LGBTQ relationships beginning online has grown exponentially in the last few years and the total proportion is now believed to be in the region of 70%. Furthermore, a recent UK survey found that 84% of Grindr users have fallen in love with someone they’ve met online.

However, there is still a problem with how much discrimination is happening on the platform, especially from users who are only looking for casual relationships and hookups.

Viviana, a transsexual user, told Global News that her experiences on Grindr have been “mostly bad”.

The ‘Kindr’ initiative was introduced in September to promote inclusivity within the app and included a series of videos addressing some of the issues the community faces such as racism, transphobia and body-shaming.

Grindr President Scott Chen received serious criticism after making comments that suggested he didn’t support gay-marriage in a Facebook post. The statement was first revealed by the Grindr-owned online magazine INTO, which was shutdown just over a month later.

An article published by the Washington Post at the end of 2018 summed up the turbulent past 12 months for the dating app.

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