‘Growing Wave’ of Blockchain-Based Dating Apps Come Online

New reporting from ozy.com has highlighted the increasing number of blockchain-based dating solutions coming online as the decade draws to a close.

Services such as Viola.AI make use of distributed ledger technology to bring new features to the industry. The Singaporean platform is building a “global relationship registry” to help create a safe environment for singles.

It also integrates cryptocurrency in the form of Violet Tokens, which can be exchanged for relationship advice from dating experts in the region.

A similar product is DateCoin. Claiming 800,000 active users, the brand uses neural networks to bring transparency to the dating world.

Ponder, a third company, allows its users to play matchmaker and receive money for starting relationships. Their website reads: “The more great matches you make, the more money you win. For singles, Ponder gets you hand-picked matches selected by humans, not algorithms.”

Multiple new players claim to use the security of blockchain to keep scammers at bay, and to protect user data.

This comes as a number of online sites struggle with protecting such information. This month, a vulnerability in vBulletin forum software has led to multiple sex and dating sites exposing emails and IP addresses.

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