happn Launches Major Update & New Feature

Global dating app happn is introducing a visual update and new features to the platform. It will now enable singles to meet others who visit the same places as them, with users able to compare their favourite restaurants, bars, and activities. 

The platform is launching CrushPoints, a new way for singles to meet other people in familiar and local places. CrushPoints allows users to add their favourite places to their profile and discover those of their Crushes, based on 6 categories: events, bars, restaurants, sports, culture and outdoors.

“At happn, we consider that the place people meet (before the crush but also after the crush) is an integral part of the experience and, therefore, the story of you and your Crush. When we tell the story of meeting someone, the place is always part of it. We therefore wanted to make the places memorable,” explains Karima Ben Abdelmalek, CEO and President of happn. 

“happn’s mission is to bring about encounters in real life, in complete confidence thanks to technology and by always being as close as possible to your daily life and your habits. Putting meeting places at the heart of the experience is an obvious choice for us. We are happy to highlight all these points of interest because we believe they create social links and guarantee trust, two essential ingredients for a successful encounter”, she adds.

happn is a global leader in the dating space when it comes to helping singles find those they have crossed paths with. The CrushPoints feature adds another way for the platform’s members to meet new local people with similar interests.

This new feature is being rolled out in 18 countries and over 40 cities, representing nearly 7,000 locations. 

As well as CrushPoints, happn has also overseen a major visual update, with branding agency Koto helping to restyle the platform’s look. It has moved away from its traditional blue look to adopt a black-and-white style.

“This visual identity redesign marks a new turning point in our history. We have kept our promise – to match our ambitions with the expectations of singles,” says Ben Abdelmalek. 

“The application we present today is only the first part of a more global transformation plan, including features that will enrich single people’s experiences. It is also an opportunity for us to reiterate happn’s leading position internationally as the only French and European application to hold its own in a highly competitive sector”, she continues.