happn Opposes Apple’s Location-Sharing Update

Representatives from happn are amongst the group of developers who have issued a statement to Apple criticising the geolocation update that will be present in iOS 13.

The complaints are regarding the removal of the “Always Allow” option when an app asks for a user’s permission to track their location. Instead, that will only be available if the person goes into the privacy section of the main settings app.

happn joins object-tracking service Tile, location-sharing apps Life360 and Zenly, and insurance claim aid Arity in reaching out to the tech giant’s CEO Tim Cook.

They are concerned that users might think the app isn’t working properly if they haven’t figured out the longer route to always allowing their location to be monitored. 

The companies are also displeased that the update won’t apply to Apple’s own app and therefore describe it as “anti-competitive”.

According to PhoneDog, the developers’ statement said: “Like you, we are committed to ensuring that privacy is a top priority, but are concerned that the current implementation will create user confusion that actually undermines this goal.

“The changes also have the added effect of removing critical geolocation functionality while simultaneously not applying to Apple’s own apps, some of which compete with the products we develop.”

Apple responded by asserting that every update that is made is to maintain a high standard of safety and privacy for its users. It also explained it will now work with aggrieved companies to find an alternative method that would work best for them all.

It was revealed last week that group dating app 3Fun had been leaking the live location of its 1.5 million members.

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