happn Survey Finds Nearly Half of Daters Lie On Apps

A study has found that 48% of daters feel it is acceptable to tell a ‘white lie’ to potential suitors on dating apps.

The survey, conducted by happn, found that 19% of users lie about their age, and 15% lie about their living situation. 53% of daters also admitted that their ‘little white lies’ get found out.

When questioned on why they decided to lie, a third said they tell the lie out of the fear of being judged on their actual truth. A further 26% say they lie because they have nothing interesting to say so had to make something up, with 17% admitting to wanting more attention from their potential matches.

The findings also revealed that over 34% of users think that they have been told more lies by a potential partner during the pandemic.

Marine Ravinet, Head of Trends at happn, explained: “When starting out a new conversation with someone, you naturally want to appear like the coolest version of yourself. This can often mean that Singles find themselves fabricating the truth, and not realising that these little lies could come back to bite them!”

“Our study shows that a third of Singles lie because they feel as though telling the truth will leave them open to being judged. The truth is, we will always be judged, but that doesn’t mean negativity will be the result. What you may lack confidence in, could be one of the most amazing things about you to someone else. I’d encourage Singles to embrace themselves whole-heartedly. Dating is so much easier when honesty is at the centre.” 

happn revealed that the most common lies told by daters on apps surround age, living situation, or personal habits. However, these are closely followed by lies about their job, or even going as far as sharing old photos.

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