Study Claims Brexit Has Made Britain Less Attractive To Tech Talent

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With Britain debating what kind of Brexit the country should seek, and the true impact of the decision likely taking years to become clear, there is one area where its effect can start to be measured  – perception.

One of the biggest talking points has been around how the decision will affect Britain’s attractiveness to employers, but a recent study looks at how Britain is now perceived by potential tech employees.

A company called YBorder, which helps companies find the best tech talent, found that there was a “sharp decrease” in the number of tech candidates expressing a desire to work in the UK.

Those who selected the UK as a country they would like to find work in dropped from 20% in July to 8% in September.

YBorder Brexit
Despite this, Britain still came out above other European countries in terms of attractiveness, compared to Germany with 6% and France at 3%, the US staying top with an average of 14.5%.

Obviously YBorder’s sample size for the study is small, and not based on actual employment figures, but it’s an interesting insight into how Brexit could have altered the perception of Britain amongst today’s tech talent.

The study comes off the back of reports that the government was considering making companies list the foreign workers they employ.

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