HER Adds ‘Communities’ Feature and Unveils New Logo

Lesbian and queer dating app HER has added a new ‘Communities’ feature and uncovered a new logo this week.

Communities is designed to help users connect around specific interests and group identities.

“We spent the past three years bringing people together in one on one conversations and introductions — communities is about taking it beyond the one on one,” Founder Robyn Exton told TechCrunch.

“We started paying attention to the number of queer spaces that are closing.

“We actually think they’re needed more than ever.”

Users will be able to post content in HER Communities, as well as follow other users to populate an integrated newsfeed.  

Examples of Communities include a mindfulness group, a group for women of colour, and a group for news and entertainment.

TechCrunch notes that the feature has the potential to build groups around specific events as well as interests, stating that the platform has “flexibility”.

HER is also introducing a new logo, featuring a letter E with four bars to represent the notion of fluidity.

It will replace a HER logo that used the silhouette of bikini-cut underwear to form the letter E.

“Our community and our audience has changed hugely, even in the last three years,” Exton said. “We needed to reflect that as a brand.”

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Scott Harvey

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