Her Defends Trans Women After Male Writer Joins Platform

Her has issued a statement after an Irish television writer joined the platform and began publicly harassing some of its transgender users.

Graham Linehan, who is known for his work on comedy series’ like ‘The IT Crowd’ and ‘Father Ted’, created an account and set the pronouns to she/her. He then began sharing the profiles of trans women whom he deemed to not be feminine enough.

The posts were uploaded to Substack, as he was permanently banned from Twitter for making transphobic comments last June.

Linehan defended his recent actions by claiming that he believes in gender dysphoria, but wanted to expose some ambiguity around the matter. He said women on female-only platforms were being put at danger by men signing up and claiming to be trans in order to take advantage.

Screenshots of the Substack posts were shared on Twitter which brought them to the attention of the Her team.

In a response posted on Twitter, a Her spokesperson explained: “Let’s make this clear: HER is an app for ALL WOMEN and queer folx. It is not our, nor anyone else’s place to question or invalidate another’s identity. 

“We are here for ALL WOMEN, including the trans community. Please be assured this user will be found and removed from our platform.”

They also added that they were in correspondence with Substack to see if Linehan’s account could be removed.

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