Hily Launches New Quiz to Help Match Users by Compatibility

Las Vegas-based dating app, Hily, launched its new Compatibility Check Feature yesterday, which allows users to check their compatibility with one another before making a match.

Hily collaborated with “Married at First Sight” clinical psychologist, Dr Joseph Cilona, to create the quiz which contains forty questions on relationship orientation, personality traits, lifestyle, communication style and other personal preferences. 

After completing the quiz, members can click the Compatibility Check button and they will be provided with a detailed summary of shared traits and a description of their potential relationship.

Alex Pasykov, chief executive of Hily, said: “With this new feature, we wanted to give people more control over who they match with. We also hope that it would help our users communicate better and avoid awkward pauses.”

The new feature will check possible matches two times a day though premium subscription users can run the check more frequently. All users will have access to the full feature for free until the 31st March.

The feature’s launch follows a recent poll by Hily, which revealed that 16% of men and 9% of women only rely on feelings when choosing a partner. Meanwhile, 86% of its users think opposites attract though 14% would prefer to go out meet a partner with similar traits.

Cilona said on the new feature: “Although ‘sameness’ and ‘similar’ can certainly be important indicators of potential compatibility, the notion of complementarity is equally and sometimes more important in predicting potential compatibility.

“For example, someone who prefers to be a nurturer and their partner to be more of a protector would be a much better fit with someone with that complementary trait rather than the similar trait of being a nurturer.”

Hily is an acronym for “Hey, I like you” and is the only dating app to focus on matching daters by compatibility as well as similarity. At the beginning of February 2020, it had 13 million members.

The Compatibility Check feature is an update on Hily’s Compatibility Quiz, a similar in-app test, which launched in August 2019. 

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