Hily Launches Video Campaign Exploring Potentially Fake Profiles

Hily has launched a new video campaign to try and discourage its users from writing off potential matches as being “too good to be true”.

The campaign is called ‘Is This Profile Really Fake’ and includes five short clips which are meant to break myths about the profiles users think are fake.

The idea was created after the dating app conducted a survey with 1,000 of its users about what they find most annoying when online dating.

53% of respondents believe a profile is fake if it only one picture. However, Hily’s moderation team revealed that 17% verified users only only one image on their profile.

Other stats show that 48% of users think a profile is fake if a person in the picture is “too beautiful”. More than one-third are also suspicious if a person who wants to take the conversation to a different messenger, which is a popular technique used by scammers.

The videos released on Hily’s social media channels highlight some of the findings from this survey and give reasonable explanations for user behaviour that migh be considered fake.

Halyna Virt, Head of Business Development at Hily, said in a statement: “Hily users’ safety is a top priority for us. There’re lots of tips on the Internet on how to recognize fake profiles, so we wanted to flip the situation. What if someone thinks your profile is fake because you have only one pic or professionally taken photos?

“So this campaign can give our users a perspective on what profiles people think are fake and encourage them to take filling in their dating profiles more seriously.”

Visit the Hily website here.

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