Hily Plans Valentine’s Day Livestream

Dating app Hily is organising a livestream event on Valentine’s Day for people to celebrate being single.

From 9-10pm EST, two hosts will discuss their romantic experiences, laugh about date fails, and hear from audience members about their exciting dating stories.

During the event, hosts Jessica and Sophie will be answering random questions prepared by Hily and get responses from the audience. Particularly engaging or funny audience members will be given the opportunity to explain their full story on the livestream.

The event looks to bring together singles who haven’t yet found someone to celebrate the romantic day with. “Valentine’s Day doesn’t need to be a lonely night – get in on the action”, Hily shares.

The app is also using the occasion to match like-minded users. Hily is encouraging users to choose their vibe and mood about Valentine’s day, matching them with potential matches who feel the same way over the celebratory period.

The Las Vegas-based platform already has 28 million users across 25 countries.