Hinge Calling For Contestants Of The Bachelor & The Bachelorette To Join The Dating App


Dating app Hinge is calling for contestants of popular US franchise The Bachelor to join the app.

This news was revealed in a post on Hinge’s Twitter page on Monday, which, inline with its recent relaunch, said the company can offer contestants “something real”.

Hinge goes on to explain that if any of The Bachelor or The Bachelorette stars get engaged to someone they meet on the app, the company will fund their wedding.

VP of Marketing at Hinge, Olivia Abramowitz, said: “Hinge is for people who are looking for real relationships — and has nailed the formula for creating them.

“Since former Bachelor(ettes) have shared with the world that they are ready for relationships and have unfortunately not been able to find what they were looking for on TV, we’re offering them the chance to continue their journey to find love on a platform we believe will be much more successful.”

The company released its note prior to the season premiere of The Bachelorette.

In October last year, Hinge returned to the dating space with the vision of offering singles a more serious kind of mobile dating, one centered around creating real relationships rather than focusing on disposable swiping.

The company wanted to move away from the “hookup culture” often associated with online dating platforms and relaunched under the premise that it wanted to be “Match.com for the next generation”.

As part of its efforts, Hinge introduced “story” profiles and removed its swiping functionality.

Hinge also came back with a $7 subscription fee, however it later introduced a freemium membership option.

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