Hinge Launches New Billboard Ad Campaign In New York City


Dating app Hinge recently launched a new billboard campaign in New York City.

The adverts focus on the personality-based questions the dating app asks its users, each one incorporating one of the questions – such as “Where can people find you at the party?” – and explaining why Hinge asks them by telling a story about the type of person you could meet on the app.

Created by Barton F. Graf, they all feature the tagline “Let’s be real” underneath each ad.

The adverts were placed around neighbourhoods like the West Village, SoHo and Williamsburg.

The content for the ads were based on real responses to questions the app asks its users about their personalities and interests.

Hinge’s adverts also include location-specific links to the neighbourhood they are in, for example referencing a nearby bar.

Hinge founder Justin McLeod told Adweek: “We noticed a lot of trends in [users’] answers, both anecdotally and through data.

“Making the billboards site-specific embeds them a little deeper in their neighbourhoods.

“We really wanted them to be striking, and part of that is being contextual. It’s not every day that an ad you see on the street is referencing the restaurant next door.

“It’s this feeling of being a little bit whimsical. And also, this idea that one prompt [on Hinge] can lead to a text, that can lead to a conversation, that can lead to a date, that can lead to a relationship, that can lead to marriage, that can lead to kids.”

Check out some of the adverts below: