Hinge Releases Its First LGBTQIA+ Dating Report

Popular dating platform Hinge released a new report looking at DATE (Data, Advice, Trends, and Expertise) relating to queer dating. The report is split into sections on The First Date, The First Time, and The First Fight.

The First Time looks at how LGBTQIA+ daters first approach dating. It found that bisexuals are 3 times more likely to never have had a queer dating experience, with some facing “fear of exploration”.

Thankfully, daters who are nervous about their first queer dating experience can look to Hinge, where 80% of LGBTQIA+ daters are open to being someone’s first experience. 

When it comes to The First Date, the report highlights that communication is key. The trans community is particularly good at this, with 71% of trans singles communicating their expectations about monogamy vs non-monogamy before the first date.

57% of LGBTQIA+ daters told Hinge that a lack of communication was the biggest challenge they face dating in 2022. Advice for the first date includes how to navigate who pays the bill, and how to secure a second date with conversation, as opposed to physical intimacy.

The report also shares advice and insights regarding The First Fight a queer couple may encounter. It explains how some individuals avoid conflict, despite it not always being a bad thing in terms of relationship growth.

The report came as a result of surveys of more than 14,000 respondents from the LGBTQIA+ community. 

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