Hinge Users Are Displaying Their Credit Scores

A recent TikTok went viral after it showed a Hinge user displaying their impressive credit score on their dating app profile. Shannon Groffie shared that after displaying this unique piece of information, she received an increased number of likes from men.

Groffie, who mainly creates TikToks about career advice, published a video last week which displayed her impressive 804 credit score. A credit score is a numerical value created through the analysis of a person’s finances to represent the creditworthiness of that individual. 

She also shared the responses she received from potential matches, with male users replying to the prompt with comments like “I am aroused”, “All I needed to see”, and even marriage proposals.

Groffie received over 1.3 million views on this recent TikTok, but is not the only female dating app user to follow this trend. Leah Nicewander also shared her experiences after displaying her credit score on her dating app profile.

She told Insider that she thought this interesting piece of information would be funny or impressive to men looking at her profile. Nicewander explained that “It’s funny, and it’s different, and I think all my girls out there should start attracting guys in unique and creative ways”.

“My girls have so much more to offer than selfies. So if they have good credit or good humor, I think they should show it”, Nicewander added.

While this seems like a harmless bit of fun, there will certainly be dating app users out there who are reluctant to share the same information, for fear of disappointing potential matches. Additionally, giving out personal information is generally not recommended by dating platforms.