Hinge ‘Your Turn’ Feature Looks to Tackle Ghosting

Dating app Hinge is set to deploy a new conversation feature in an attempt to reduce ‘ghosting’ on its platform.

The ‘Your Turn’ feature will enable users to prompt their matches into starting a conversation, and to remind them when it’s their turn to reply.

Hinge will send a notification when a match has “invited you to start the chat”. Either gender can send the prompt, differentiating the feature from Bumble’s approach (whereby women speak first with 24 hours).

The juxtaposition with Bumble is something Hinge chose to highlight in the feature’s announcement, emphasising the freedom that Hinge gives its users.

CEO Justin McLeod says of the change: “What this does is it gives you the same benefit of the clarity in who’s supposed to start the conversation, without forcing one set of rules on you just because of your gender.”

Users will be able to avoid receiving nudges from old matches by ‘hiding’ them – a feature which allows people to keep their inbox clean without unmatching or discarding people.

The Your Turn changes are said to have brought about a 25% reduction in ghosting behaviour on the platform so far.

Hinge is also enjoying success more generally, growing 15% month-on-month. 90% of its users are between the ages of 23 and 36, and it has been responsible for 100,000 swapped numbers since its inception.

The Your Turn feature is now live in all of Hinge’s markets.

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