Hornet Adds Notifications For New Social-Style Feed


Gay dating app Hornet has just added a notifications feature that enables singles to see who has followed them and liked their profile, photos and updates.

In a blog post published earlier this week, Hornet said it was introducing a new tab to the app called Notifications.

This follows the January launch of its social profiles and discover tab, which let users share new photos, updates and profile details to help singles “stay in touch beyond a static user page”.

Hornet added a scrollable feed to user profiles pages, letting singles follow other members’ updates and photos.

As Hornet said at the time: “Users will be able to see what the latest buzz is with the guys they’re following, from the latest photos to profile updates, creating more opportunities to connect and socialise.”

And now Hornet has launched notifications for this social-style feed.

The newly-released Notifications tab will be private and tailored to every user, keeping them up to date on who follows and likes their profile and content on the app.

Hornet said: “Updates will be shown in real time within a new notifications tab on users’ profiles that only they have access to.

“This new feature adds a deeper way to connect and stay in touch with the guys users have interacted with. It’s a more dynamic way to stay connected versus simply looking at someone’s profile pictures. ”

Last November, Hornet secured $8m in Series A funding in a round led by Ventech China, which was later joined by Chinese gay dating giant Blued.

To find out more about Hornet’s new Notifications feature please click here.