How FITFCK Found Its Young Investors

The past 12 months have seen dating platform FITFCK take on a number of high-profile investors, all aged under 40. In a recent statement, the brand’s founder and investors explained how it all happened.

Some of the investors to get involved with FITFCK are Tim Stokely, founder of OnlyFans; and YouTubers Sam Harry and Martin Wood. Overall the brand shares that it is working with over 20 investors, all of which are under 40 years old.

Investor and business-owner James Vogle gave his perspective saying “Business is changing. There is a brand new breed of young hybrid entrepreneurs looking for opportunities to be a part of exciting companies. FITFCK’s combination of technology, community and their clear passion for fitness, makes them a very attractive opportunity.”

“Not only is there a notable sense of community among FITFCK’s users, this sense of community is mirrored amongst their angel syndicate. I’m very proud, and grateful, to be a part of it”, Vogle added.

FITFCK shared that communication with investors is key, with regular updates, newsletters, and calls helping them stay involved if they wish to be. It also makes clear to investors how they stand to benefit financially and socially from getting involved.

Jamie Wykes-Hobday, FITFCK’s founder, shared “I’m over the moon to have James onside. As a multiple business owner he, like all of our other investors, brings an invaluable amount of experience which is going to massively help the brand take huge steps towards the end goal of becoming the largest omni-channel community for dating, relationships, casual meets and friendships”.

“The majority of our investors – like James – are connections of the team or have come through a direct recommendation of the network. This has naturally brought a huge sense of community 

amongst us all. I’ve even been known to throw in the odd training plan to our investors – that’s how close knit our network has got! I like to think they’re learning from me, as much as I’m learning from them – but that is unlikely”, Wykes-Hobday joked.

The company highlights that Gen Z and Millenials are increasingly participating in investment opportunities, and will consequently impact trends. FITFCK adds that its strong purpose and sense of community attracts socially-minded investors.

FITFCK adds that its an exciting time for interested investors, as the brand will be initiating an A Round opportunity later in 2023. It looks to welcome investors from any generation to get on board.

Image is of Jamie Wykes-Hobday [left] and James Vogle [right].