How TikTok Became a Hub for Dating

While TikTok may not seem like a traditional dating app, a new report looks at how the platform is bringing people together. Creating and bonding over authentic videos could be a popular factor in sparking a new relationship.

In an article for Insider, one couple who met over TikTok, explained how the platform helps make these connections possible. 

“When you’re looking for a partner, [social media] makes it easy to see a lot of their life and find things you like about them that you might not otherwise be able to find out on a first date”, one of them explained.

Another couple explained how they were both part of a niche community of dog lovers on TikTok, bonding over their agreement that single men having a dog is a green flag. They then chatted via TikTok Live, and then started dating despite living in different continents.

Finding others in a niche community, and having an authentic perspective of another person’s life, are universal ways to make connections and TikTok is making that happen. However, there are also reasons why TikTok may not be the most efficient way to get a date.

One user explained how he posted a TikTok video that was his version of a dating profile. Despite the video being viewed over 2 million times, with many comments, he still hasn’t found a date as a result.

Interested individuals were simply not in his area, he told Insider. He explained that distance will be a common challenge when finding connections on TikTok, so singles looking to find love on the app should be prepared for a long-distance relationship.