HubStars Announces Expanded Partner Conference for Spring 2020

HubStars has announced that its first conference of 2020 will take place at a 5* resort in Tenerife over the 19th and 20th March.

The two day event features a cruise around the Canary Islands, networking opportunities and insight from talks, presentations and Q&A sessions. 

Partners will have the opportunity to raise questions directly with the HubStars leadership team of Michael O’Sullivan (Owner), Harry Bean (Managing Director) and Nick Orton (Tech Director) in an open panel discussion. 

Michael O’Sullivan said: “We have had another year of fantastic growth and a huge portion of our success in 2019 has been down to the hard work of our partners.

“We have even more ambitious plans for the next year and will have some exciting business updates to announce at the conference. 

“With all of the momentum we have at the moment I feel it is important to firstly keep our partner base fully in the loop with what we are doing as a business, and secondly I wanted to offer a unique and fun environment to deliver our message as a thank you to our partners.’’  

Sales and Acquisition Manager Andy Croghan added: ‘’Since launching our new conference structure back at the end of 2017, we have seen tremendous value in getting our partners together and sharing our ideas and plans for the future.”

Earlier this month, O’Sullivan appeared on The GDI Podcast and gave his take on where the dating industry is headed.

He argued that niche services would win out in the long run, drawing an analogy to the broadcast media sector and the hundreds of interest channels available with TV packages. 

Over the course of 2019, the white label provider has trebled registrations and increased revenues over 50%.

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