HubStars Raise Money For NHS With Charity Haircuts

HubStars has announced that it will be raising money for the NHS to help in the UK’s continued fight against the COVID-19 outbreak.

Owner Michael O’Sullivan and Sales & Marketing Manager Andy Croghan have committed to shaving their heads in return for donations. They will either go completely bald or adopt a mohawk style, depending on what the majority of donors vote for.

The online dating service provider also revealed it will be matching 65% of the amount raised, up to a total of £10,000.

O’Sullivan said in a statement: “We would love for everyone to join us in supporting the NHS at this incredibly challenging time, any donation big or small would be greatly appreciated. We are glad to be providing some light hearted entertainment for everyone whilst also raising money for our NHS heroes!”

Anyone wishing to make a contribution, as well as voting on the final haircut, can visit the JustGiving page or the fundraising website to keep track of the total amount raised.

Like the rest of the online dating industry, HubStars has seen the size of its user base grow significantly during the lockdown period.

Over the past five weeks, more than 21 million singles around the world have signed up for a HubStars platform and it has continued to keep its members connected by hosting a number of virtual ‘happy hour’ events.

Today also marks the first day that entrepreneurs can apply to be a part of the ‘Million Dollar Dating Project’. 

The company is going to invest a total of $1 million in several niche startup companies to help them with the initial costs of marketing, as well as assisting with the technological side of creating a dating site. Applications must be submitted before 31st May.

Visit the HubStars fundraising page here.