HUD App Rolls Out Ad Campaign in U.S.

The HUD app, a casual dating platform, has rolled out a new ad campaign across cities in the U.S., including taking over a New York City subway station. The new campaign comes after the app’s recent major rebrand and redesign.

Residents of LA, New York City, Dallas, Philadelphia, and Chicago can now expect to see Out of Home (OOH) ad materials from the HUD app. These materials were generated by the dating app’s partners MilkMoney and EPL Media.

The new ad campaign also involves taking over multiple levels of a subway station on New York City’s 8th Avenue. The HUD app shares that subway riders can expect to see “bright colours, flirty imagery, and engaging visual design elements”.

The platform explained that “We’re meeting people where they are, whether that’s on the street, or on their commute. We’re bringing the fun back into dating – and brightening up whatever spaces we can!”.

The campaign comes as the HUD app unveiled innovative changes to the platform, simplifying UX/UI elements to deliver a smoother dating experience. You can read about the HUD app’s redesign and new features here. 

As part of the campaign announcement, the HUD app took time to highlight the work of Dame Products, a sex toy manufacturer. 

Dame Products took the Metropolitan Transportation Authority to court after the organisation blocked its proposed subway ad campaign, which promoted its pleasure products. Without this legal challenge, the HUD app’s subway campaign would not have been possible, the dating app shared.

“Censoring is an issue we at HUD face often. With help from trailblazers like Dame, we hope to destigmatize pleasure – no matter how you receive it!”.

Find out more about HUD’s new ad campaign here. 

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