HUD Launches Video Dating Which Automatically Blurs Faces

HUD has become the latest dating app to add a video dating feature to help users stay connected from a distance.

However, as an added safety precaution, user faces will automatically be blurred to remove the potentially awkward and intimidating experience of meeting face-to-face.

Auto-blur can only be turned off when both users consent to do so, adding an extra layer of protection and safety to the user experience. If one user is ready to unblur their video but the other is not ready, both videos will stay blurred.

There’s also a ‘flag’ feature that allows users to immediately report the video chat if they feel unsafe.

HUD’s Digital Marketing Manager Mikayla Robinson said in a statement: “[Auto-blur] adds an extra layer of safety and security to our user experience.

“Our number-one community rule for our users is ‘trust your instincts’ – we tell users that if someone is making them feel uncomfortable or as though they might have bad intentions, they should immediately end the conversation.”

Visit the HUD website here.

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