Hulah: Find Better Guys Endorsed by Other Women

On dating app Hulah, male users have to be endorsed by a woman on the platform. The platform says that this helps women date “only better guys” and rewards men for good behaviour.

Hulah allows women to become ‘ringleaders’, capable of endorsing men on the platform. As a result this provides accountability for male users, and reassures women that they’re dating in a safer community.

Men accumulate points based on good behaviour, which in turn can result in their ringleaders getting paid real money by the app. This encourages women to keep inviting good men onto the platform.

In addition to the endorsement feature, Hulah also allows users to create video profiles, and enables them to have video chats before meeting in-person. The app is available on Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

You can find the Hulah website here.