In-App Ad Impressions Jump 26% Year-on-Year

A new report by digital technology company PubMatic has found that mobile ad impressions have jumped 26% year-on-year.

iOS impressions account for over 50% of the new total, up from around 33% of the total one year earlier.

A large part of the growth can be attributed to an increase in video consumption, although some 28% of marketers still report difficulty delivering in-app videos to users. 

The report found that video content was a significant driver of in-app purchase activity, particularly during political events, and so the 2020 election may bring further increases in engagement and conversion. 

During the Democratic debates, for example, mobile ad volume was 47% above the Q2 weekly average.

APAC is set to overtake EMEA as the second largest region for in-app impressions by 2022. That year, Asian geographies will account for around 25% of the global inventory. 

Many advertisers are beginning to favour private marketplaces (PMPs) due to concerns about mobile ad fraud in open markets. 

PMP volume was up almost 70% year-on-year in Q2 2019. Over half of the $27 billion spent on digital display ads next year will be in PMPs.

Incite Group’s 2019-20 State of Marketing Report, published this month, found that marketers expected automation, AI and machine learning to be hot topics in 2020 and beyond.

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Scott Harvey

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