Indian Millennials Want More Choice in Romantic Partners, Explains OkCupid’s Brand Manager for India

Shruti Gupta, Brand Manager for OkCupid India, has spoken to Exchange4Media on how the dating app is adapting to the Indian dating scene.

OkCupid brands itself as the app matches users by personality rather than appearance which, as Gupta explained is becoming more and more important to Indian millennials. 

“When seeking a serious relationship through traditional connections, parents and matrimonial services don’t take into account an organic expression of one’s ideas, opinions, values and preferences,” she said. 

“An overwhelming 92% of OkCupid’s users feel their values vastly differ from their parents’ and a majority of them (79%) also do not believe they echo their friends’ choices. The numbers clearly establish them as a group of people who choose individuality over anything else and greatly value what they want, which is very different from what others want for them.”

To help find matches, OkCupid asks members to complete a series of questions, from politics to lifestyle choices, before setting up their account. Users must answer a minimum of 15 questions yet data has shown that Indian members complete an average of 50 questions each week.

Gupta also explained how the Indian dating scene is changing. Over a third of the Indian population is under the age of 38, and, Gupta explained, many in this generation want to make more use of modern technology than their parents.

Gupta added: “…the mindset of the Indian user is also evolving with millennials aspiring for a completely different relationship than their parents.”

OkCupid was launched in India in September 2018 and now has over a million users in the country and nearly 60 million daters have used OkCupid internationally.

The dating app’s first Indian marketing campaign, Find My Kind, was rolled out in August last year, which was designed to appeal to millennials who wanted more choice in their lives.

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