Indian Millennials Want to Live “Happily Ever After”, OkCupid Survey Finds

Most Indian millennials believe in finding ‘the one’ and cited love as their primary motivation in life, a new OkCupid survey has found.

Furthermore, the survey discovered that young people are far more old-school than previously thought. 85% of OkCupid users said they would rather go on a coffee date when they first meet someone

Unexpectedly, the results showed that men were actually more romantic than women. 

  • 35% of men loved the idea of falling in love, compared to 25% of women.
  • 65% of men were more likely to plan a first date on Valentine’s Day, while only half of women would do the same.
  • Women are less likely to fall head over heels in love – 66% of female OkCupid users do not understand the idea of hopeless unrequited love.
  • 77% of men believe they are the most romantic person they knew, whereas only 65% of women feel the same

Less surprisingly, 82% of women said that they would rather have one partner throughout their life. But, 67% of men wished to explore multiple partners before settling down. 40% of women wanted their partner to do something special for Valentine’s Day compared to a third of men.

OkCupid recently added new questions to the app, which revealed approximately 80% of singles thought that good sex was more important in a relationship than their partner’s political views. 

The news comes in the wake of the ongoing CAA and NRC protests in India against the proposal to enact a National Register of Citizens.

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