Indian Youths Crown Dating Apps As The Saviour Of Their Love Lives

Dating apps have become an integral part of finding love in modern day society. QuackQuack, India’s most popular dating app, surveyed young Indians to find out how important dating apps have been in their lives and if they believed it to be the future of romance.

When asked how often participants use dating apps, 78% of the respondents responded they use them regularly. Whilst some people managed to successfully find love, 65% of people did not manage to find their happy ending. 

QuackQuack’s Founder and CEO, Ravi Mittal, commented, “Every year we see a barrage of new daters, and our user data shows more people from both tier 1 and 2 cities are looking for love than just casual flings.”

54% of female participants from tier 1 series answered that they would only go on dates with people they have met on dating apps due to the convenience and the fact they feel like it is much more private. 

29% of women revealed they only go on dates with people they know, like from the office, gym or mutual friends.

When QuackQuack asked how successful users had been in their online dating adventures, 34% of working professionals between the ages of 25 and 35 revealed they met their partners on dating apps. They claim that this wasn’t down to luck, they were consistent when it came to dating.

37% of people from top tier cities claimed they went on at least one date a month or multiple chats with new people. Only 19% of these successfully go on 2nd and 3rd dates.

Dating apps do have their downfalls. 28% of people, a mixture between students and working professionals from tier 1 and tier 2 cities, stated that dating apps lead them to feeling more frustrated in their pursuit for love. 

41% between 21 and 23 years old admitted to lying in order to appear more likeable.

29% of daters over the age of 35 believe that dating apps are perfect for introverts.

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