Inner Circle Explores How COVID-19 Pandemic Changed Dating

Inner Circle has been conducting some research over the past few weeks to find out more about the coronavirus pandemic has impacted dating in London. It is also hoping that the insights will provide an indication as to how the industry has been affected in the long-term.

This period has seen virtual dating come to the forefront with the majority of platforms launching their own video features.

While most of the industry are insisting that the trend is a positive one, Inner Circle is reporting more than a half of daters found video dating too embarrassing.

However, one-third of singles believe the crisis has changed the way people think about dating. Many are expecting a kinder and more serious future of dating. 

Inner Circle has seen a 286% increase in members talking about going to the park and a 32% increase in suggestions of a picnic. This is caused by new couples no longer being allowed to meet in a bar or a restaurant, instead they’re forced to take part in outdoor activities.

With hospitality limitations still in place, and pubs and bars encouraged to serve take-away drinks, the app revealed hiking (145%), football (24%) and BBQs (67%) are the top discussed dating activities, with romantic picnics (97%) also spiking in conversation this month.

Overall, Inner Circle expects some of the dating norms will return, and some new habits and dating themes will emerge. However, it is certain that the coronavirus has had a clear and long-lasting effect on dating.

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