Inner Circle Launches Anti-Ghosting Features

Dating app Inner Circle has launched new features to tackle the dreaded ‘ghosting’ that can take place between users. “The Date Conscious Suite” provides reminders, closure messages, and new prompts to address the issue.

These features are designed to incentivise users to reply to other users’ messages, as opposed to not replying or ‘ghosting’.

New reminders will let users know that they have messages waiting for them in their inbox that haven’t been replied to in 48 hours. This is helpful for users who perhaps did not see the message initially.

Another feature takes on the responsibility of breaking the news that a user is not interested in connecting at the moment. When a user clicks to end a conversation, the app will prompt them to select a reason why. This information will then be shared with the other person, who can now have more closure.

A third feature allows users to pin up to five conversations that they want to prioritise. Inner Circle shares that this will help tackle ‘dating fatigue’, where some users get matches confused with one another. 

“It’s always been our mission to help people date better, and this suite is the latest development on that path. Singles are right to expect better quality from both the apps they use and the people they talk to, so for anyone who’s sick of ghosting, poor chat and low effort, this one’s for you!” wrote Masha Kodden, CEO of Inner Circle.