Inner Circle Releases Cost Of Living Crisis Research

Romance is at risk across the UK as daters enter a ‘cost of loving’ crisis. New research from global dating app Inner Circle reveals the rising cost of living is causing 41% to go on fewer dates than they used to.

With UK inflation at its highest level since the 1980’s, nearly half of singles (47%) say they’re now more selective about the dates they do choose to go on – which could be bad luck for those looking to make a connection this summer. 

The good news? Singles actually enjoy a cheap date. 29% say they feel more relaxed, 27% feel as though it’s a more realistic scenario and a quarter say it takes the pressure off. And for those looking to build a proper connection, more than 2 in 3 (69%) think you can get to know someone better when the setting isn’t too fancy. 

And if you’re worried you need to pay up to impress, you can strike that very-nice-but-£15-a-pop cocktail bar off the first date list. A cheap date doesn’t have to be something for later down the line. 57% of daters are comfortable suggesting a lower cost date on the very first meet up, with a quarter opting for it for the second or third date. 

Despite cutting back, choosing more carefully and watching the pennies in general, a third of singles still say that dating is non-negotiable – and something they won’t give up entirely. So if you’re team ‘cheap date’, what’s your favourite? According to the research, the following top the list, and they might provide you with some info:

  1. Coffee and wander – 29%
  2. Picnic in the park – 22%
  3. Pint in the sun – 18%
  4. Night in with wine – 12%
  5. Getting arty – 7%

Crystal Cansdale, Inner Circle’s in-house dating expert, said: “Right now, romance is at risk. Singles are cutting back on dating because they think they can’t afford it. So this summer, Inner Circle is bringing back the ‘cheap date’. 

“As the cost of living crisis hits, daters are looking to make their time and cash count.  But a cheap date doesn’t have to be sub-par or low effort. Our research shows singles actually prefer dates when there’s less pressure. With so many ideas to choose from that don’t break the bank, we want to get singles out there this summer.”