Inside Match Group’s Sustainability Efforts

Joanna Rice, Vice President and Global Head of Corporate Social Responsibility at Match Group, has given a new interview highlighting the company’s environmental sustainability efforts. These include net zero targets and tree planting initiatives.

Rice recently spoke with Watershed, a company that helps brands on their sustainability journey through audits and analysis. Watershed has been helping Match Group with its green initiatives since 2022.

When asked about her proudest moment at the dating app giant, she highlighted an employee suggestion to plant a tree whenever a successful connection is formed on their platforms. This recommendation became a reality as Match Group partnered with One Tree Planted to start significant reforestation efforts.

Rice explained that these sustainability initiatives help ensure the company is a “good corporate citizen of the world”. This is a key focus for employees, users, and shareholders, Rice shared. 

Match Group’s climate program “helps us ensure we’re actually making progress, from understanding our starting point to setting ambitious targets that will help keep us accountable for years to come”, she told Watershed.

Giving advice to other companies looking to boost their green initiatives, Rice shared “Just start somewhere, and embrace technology. Our work with Watershed has helped us quickly identify our baseline and work towards future efforts to reduce it”.

“Keep in mind that sustainability is an evolving industry and the guidance is often changing. You have to be flexible and open to ongoing learning and adapting. Some of this evolution is very promising—for example, I see things like the carbon marketplaces becoming more transparent and accessible to companies of all sizes”, she continued.

Rice’s work at Match Group goes beyond environmental sustainability, she also oversees employee donation-matching, and internship programs, she highlighted. 

You can read Rice’s full interview with Watershed here.

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