Instagram Introduces Ability To Save Drafts

Draft Saving

Instagram has just rolled out one of its most-requested features – the ability to save drafts.

The new feature lets users save their posts and come back to them later, giving more time to decide on filters and captions if the creative juices are running slower than usual.

To save a post as a draft, you just click the back button, which would previously have taken you back to the post feed.

If you try to go out of the “Create Post” section, a pop up will now appear, asking if you want to save the post as a draft.

To go back into drafts, you just click the camera option, where there is now a “Library” tab, and this will take you to your saved drafts, which will appear in their own section at the bottom of the screen.

Draft Saving

This useful feature was tested back in July and has just become public this week.

It follows the news that Instagram is aiming to improve safety with updates to comments, which will hide messages that contain certain offensive keywords.