Instagram Launches Quiet Mode and Content Control Features

Social media app Instagram has launched new features to help users manage the content they see and the time they spend on the platform. 

The new ‘Quiet Mode’ acts as a Do Not Disturb feature which users can set throughout the day. Once the mode is turned off, it will send users a summary of the notifications they missed while the app was in Quiet Mode.

The feature was introduced in response to feedback from young people who felt that they were on the app too much late at night, especially while trying to work or study.

Some dating apps, including Hinge, already have ‘Pause’ features which temporarily take users’ profiles off the swiping marketplace. However, this doesn’t stop them from getting notifications like Instagram’s new Quiet Mode.

Another new feature coming to Instagram is greater control and convenience when managing the content displayed. 

Users will be able to set up Hidden Words, selecting phrases or hashtags they don’t want to see in posts or comments. They’ll also be able to select multiple posts in the Explore section and mark them as ‘Not Interested’, to avoid being recommended similar content in the future.

‘Quiet mode’ is currently available to users in the US, United Kingdom, Ireland, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, with the feature coming to more countries in the future.