Instagram Launches ‘Reels Reply’ Feature

Instagram has officially announced the launch of the ‘Reels Reply’ feature, allowing users to reply to post comments with Reels, providing another way to integrate Reels into the Instagram process.

When users reply to a comment on a post, they will then also have the option to tap on the blue Reels button to create a video reply, which will then appear as a sticker that users can send to the commentor.

It’s another way to help Instagram boost engagement, while also leaning into the short-form video trend. Instagram has also added some new colour options to the sticker. The new options gives users the opportunity to be able to reply to comments on regular posts and videos with Reels too.

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg recently noted that Reels was now the primary driver of engagement growth across the platform.

A recent analysis by eMarketer shows that Instagram is missing a significant bank of younger users. Users aged 12 to 17 years increased just 0.8% on the app in 2021, down from 22.9% five years ago. That growth rate is expected to drop another 0.2%.