Instagram Rolls Out Another Snapchat-Style Live Events Feature

Events Live Video Channel
Instagram has rolled out another Snapchat-style feature called Events.

The Events live video channels take inspiration from Snapchat’s original Live Stories by enabling users to upload their pictures and videos while at big events to a live channel featuring other people’s snapshots.

However, Instagram has potentially topped Snapchat’s attempts at Live Stories, by tailoring Events to each individual user.

This means that Instagram looks at user content, such as who they follow, before deciding which Events channels it thinks will be most relevant to them.

And Instagram has also given a very vague criteria for getting your event featured, saying: “For a channel to be generated around an event, there have to be a certain number of videos posted within 24 hours of the event.”

There has also been talk that this feature could be big news for brands, who could use Events to stand out from the crowd and improve visibility by showing their own coverage of the events featured.

Kevin Del Rosario, associate director of social media at Huge said brands can: “Inject themselves when they have a sponsorship with the event or some sort of tie with the event.”

The Events live videos are visible on the app for 48 hours and are located under the search tab on Instagram, where users can also access posts from suggested followers.

Although Events channels are only currently available in the USA, Instagram has said it hopes to launch the feature worldwide soon.

To find out more about Events please click here.