Instagram Tests Multiple Account Switching For Some iOS Users


Instagram has just started rolling out one of its most sought after features, allowing a select number of iOS users to switch between multiple accounts, without having to log out.

The feature was first announced by Latergramme, who were contacted by some users who had noticed they could change accounts without being required to sign out first.

This multiple account function is without a doubt Instagram’s most-requested feature, however remains inaccessible for the majority of its 400m users.

Last November, multiple account switching was made available to select members in Instagram’s official beta testing group for Android devices.

Screen Shot 2016-02-08 at 16.04.25

Therefore, the latest iOS developments are likely to be part of either a slow launch, or an iOS-specific test.

To check whether you can access the feature, go to your “Settings” on the app, and scroll down to see if you can find an “Add Accounts” option.

Once another account is added, users can quickly interchange between both accounts, with the app attributing any notifications to the correct profile.

Download Instagram for iOS here and Android here.