Instagram Stories Now Has More DAUs Than Snapchat


Instagram’s Stories feature is receiving more daily users than the Snapchat original it was based on.

In a blog post released last week, Instagram announced that its disappearing photos and videos feature has 200m daily active users, up from 150m in January.

This means that the photo-sharing app’s feature now has more daily active users than the Snapchat app as a whole – Snapchat has 158m daily users.

With this announcement, Instagram also said that it was rolling out new stickers to its disappearing photos and videos feature.

Stickers can be accessed by clicking on the square, smiley face icon on the top right-hand side of the screen, once a photo or video is taken for a story.

The new sticker will enable users to take other, smaller images to add to their original photograph, using the sticker icon that appears as a circle with a camera in the centre.

Instagram explains: “Turn your selfie into a sticker so you can quickly share your reaction or trade faces with someone (or something) in your story.

“When you take a photo or video and tap the smiley face, you’ll see a new sticker with a camera icon that lets you capture a mini-selfie.

“Before or after capturing, tap to apply different frame styles: fade or circle. Put your selfie sticker anywhere, adjust the size and use as many other creative tools as you want.

“You can also take your selfie sticker to the next level by pinning it to a specific spot in your video. Just tap and hold the sticker, move it over any object and confirm by tapping “Pin.”

“Pinning works with any sticker and text, and it’s extra fun with Boomerang and hands-free video. You can even pin multiple things in the same video.”


Instagram is also introducing geostickers for four new cities – Chicago, London, Madrid and Tokyo – and a shortcut for users to access their recently-used stickers.

Yesterday, Instagram announced it was introducing a Pinterest-style feature for saved posts.

Now, when users save a post on the Instagram app, they will be able to save them into a specific “collection”, which is similar to a board on Pinterest.

Users can create and name collections, and add saved posts to whichever they choose – all collections are private and will be kept under the saved posts tab within Instagram.

Last week, Instagram also announced it was introducing disappearing photos and videos into its direct messaging function.

Now, when people send disappearing photos or videos to individuals or groups, they will appear within chat threads.

To take a photo or video, users can swipe left to enter into the Direct section of the app and click on the new blue coloured camera icon shown at the bottom of the screen.

They will then be prompted to choose who they want to send it to and can check who has seen the message within a conversation thread.

Find out more about Instagram’s latest updates on the app’s blog here.


Emma Woodley

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