Interest In Dating Is Expected To Skyrocket By 55% Today

Valentine's Day

eHarmony has revealed that today will be a big day for both dating and spending, as Brits begin to prepare for Valentine’s Day.

Dubbed “Red Saturday”, today is expected to see a 55% increase in dating compared to the average day.

And Brits are also likely to kick off their Valentine’s Day spending today, with over 1m people expected to spend a huge £28m, eHarmony has revealed.

When it comes to total spending, predictions say that British citizens will put £700m towards Valentine’s Day, a figure that eHarmony has broken down by purchase:

Valentine's Day
eHarmony also found that the number of people looking to mark Valentine’s Day this year is 13% higher than 2016.

Despite this, 28% of those surveyed feel that Valentine’s Day is a waste of money, and 9% of those in a relationship would even opt to ignore the day completely, if they felt their partner would agree.

Rachael Lloyd, a spokesperson for, said: “Red Saturday sees a huge boom in consumer spending as Brits prepare for Valentine’s Day.

“With an incredible £700m being invested in love across Britain, it’s evident we’re still a pretty romantic nation at heart.

“However, it has to be said Valentine’s Day can feel pretty isolating if you’re single, and just over a quarter of people would rather not celebrate.

“At eHarmony, we know that Valentine’s is simply a day and that when it comes to truly compatible relationships the greatest rewards are often in the little day to day intimacies shared over time.”

Find out more about Red Saturday here.

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