Irish Prime Minister Considers Online Dating Ban for Sex Offenders


The Irish Prime Minister has said that he’ll consider banning convicted sex offenders from using dating apps, calling it “a very good idea”.

Taoiseach Leo Varadkar is apparently examining whether specific legislation could be introduced in the new Sex Offenders (Amendment) Bill.

Judges already impose special behavioural orders on people convicted of crimes, but it is unclear whether the use of dating apps falls under these orders.

Varadkar said to The Journal; “I think, in principle, it sounds like something we ought to do. People would be aware of a recent conviction where dating apps were used to connect with victims.

“I wouldn’t like to see people convicted getting released and there being no post-supervision after release.

“You would imagine part of the probation period there would be an order not to use dating apps, but it seems like a sensible suggestion, so it is something I will definitely examine in more detail,”

Skeptics are asking how easy it will be to enforce this law, stating that it is very simple to make a fake account. Dating apps might need to start asking for a copy of official ID from every new sign up to apply such a rule comprehensively.

As dating apps increase in popularity, there is some evidence that the amount of crime associated with them is also rising. A 2017 report revealed that online dating-related crime had risen by 382% between 2011 and 2016.

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