Jack’d Receives Criticism For ‘All Waves Matter’ Notification

Gay dating app Jack’d has come under fire for issuing a notification to users that read ‘All Waves Matter’, which drew direct comparisons to the racial equality slogan ‘Black Lives Matter’.

Jack’d sent out the notification on 8th March, encouraging members to use the ‘wave’ function. Virtual ‘waves’ can be sent between users as a means to attract attention and initiate conversations.

Some critics said that the use of the ‘All Waves Matter’ is a direct contradiction to the app’s marketing strategy, advertising a keen stance on racial inclusivity.

The phrase can act as both a parody of ‘Black Lives Matter’, and as a variation on ‘All Lives Matter’, a phrase used to counter Black Lives Matter activism.

Jack’d released the following statement on the notification: “Hey everyone, we saw the notification too…and we’re working on getting to the bottom of how this happened.

“In the meantime, we are sincerely sorry. That statement is not, nor has it ever been our stance on the matter. #BLM”

The wave notification comes less than a year after Jack’d chose to eliminate race-based filters, a move that lots of dating services are taking after feedback from the community.

Jack’d also faced issues in February 2019 after private data and photos were leaked due to a bug in the software.

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