Japanese Government Releases Dating Statistics Survey

The Japanese Government has released a survey investigating gender equality. Within the survey, the government released the statistic that roughly 40 percent of unmarried Japanese men in their 20s have never been on a single date.

As part of the survey’s overarching goal of clarifying the current societal situation for men and women in Japan, the researchers asked participants in their 20s whether they were married, completely unattached, or had a “lover”. The responses were:

● Men in their 20s
No spouse or lover: 65.8 percent
Lover: 19.1 percent
Common law spouse: 1.5 percent
Spouse: 13.6 percent

● Women in their 20s
No spouse or lover: 51.4 percent
Lover: 27.3 percent
Common law spouse: 1.4 percent
Spouse: 19.8 percent

There is a significantly higher proportion of unattached young men than women, and that gap was further reflected when those same demographics were asked how many people they’d ever gone on a date with. Here’s a graph of the responses from men in their 20s, with the solid green line for single men and the dotted one for married men, and the number of dating partners they’ve had along the bottom.

● Percentage of respondents who have never been on a date
Women in their 20s: Roughly 25 percent
Women in their 30s: Roughly 22 percent
Women in their 40s: Roughly 12 percent
Men in their 20s: Roughly 40 percent
Men in their 30s: Roughly 35 percent
Men in their 20s: Roughly 22 percent